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Hello everyone, good to see you all here reading my journal *looks around* errm.. anyone?

Well for those who do take an occasional peek-in at my DeviantArt page, and especially those who enjoyed my drawings I have somewhat sad news. My muse in drawing seems to have taken an long vacation, or been killed by the recent events in my life who knows. So I must apologize horribly for the tons of fans that cannot do anything bu anticipate my next drawing. I have done anything to bring her back, even forced myself to try and draw, but the results were an utter failure. I will not even attempt at drawing now.

Luckily I have a spare muse, photography. As you notice I have uploaded some images of Moscow sky lately, it is due to my heightened interest in weather, sky, clouds and so on. (I've started my own little private weather journal, where I keep noted time, date, temperature and other aspects of our local weather in Excel (Curse the immense lack of good free/open source weather software)) My Nikon D80 is temporary out of service, but I do hope that it will return to me soon, so I can please the vast hoardes of my fans with fresh and new images. Until then my old trustworthy Coolpix L5 would have to do. Just adds some more spice and gives a good challenge to not only hunt for pixels, but motifs for me. (I'm so looking for to the summer storm season, hope we will get another F5 tornado (yup you read right, we had an Immense F5 Tornado (yup capitalized) in Moscow))

I guess that was all, feel free to comment, stalk and or share your weather experiences with me.

Swirly February

Coping with some very serious illnesses lately, I had much time to spare, so I started saving images of cloud coverage over Europe with two hour intervals in Google Earth.

Through the whole month of February I tried my best to do that routine, and I compiled a short slideshow in exe format for all of you. It has a whole month compressed to few minutes, run the program (Sorry IrfanView only made .exe slideshows, no viruses here, scanned with Kaspersky 2010 with latest bases) lean back and enjoy time flowing past. http://dump.ru/file/4441900

Of cource the animation is not perfect. But it contains everything I know and like, like weather, clouds, preciption and timelaps. So lean back and enjoy the show. I am compiling another one for March, so stay tuned.

Kind Regards


Lucky catch

Just updating my journal. Since it's apple harvest time, the apples are falling down from the trees, and look at how one of them fell.

Now what's the chance of Nature doing this? I take it as an good sign allright.

And here they are





~ Lovesick wuff ~


Just an quick and emotional ramble of thoughts from me for all to judge.

"Without light, no darkness, as there is no darkness without the light.And the Shade stands between the two, always in twilight. That is the past,. Recent events in the constant stream of times and events."

"Death is fleeting like an withering rose. The shades of the past have come to claim you, and now you're alone. there is still chance, but your breath falls still in the darkness. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Death have come to claim you"

"The flags hang rotting on their poles, and an stench of ozone creeps down the cities, as the history rests before beginning its journey back to the stone age"

Yah that was all thank you for listening to my thoughts. And here is an little something taken from http://www.diary.ru/~Four-eyed/?tag=785



Last night we had an F2 tornado rampaging Moscow and area, no casualties thank God, but 32 injured, damages were dealt in hundreds of millions of rubles.

So far  I am too shocked, but I will write the happening an bit later, when i come to senses.

Right now look at what our neighbours filmed. http://video.yandex.ru/users/ni4egonet/view/1/

Everyone is shocked.. and state of emergency was declared just two minutes before this thing hit, I have damage on my house, but Is alive..

A beatyfull pic...

Searching the vast expanses of the void called The Internet, I found this pearl, and you know what? My worries fell down dead to ground, and the world seemed brighter for a short time. The grace and beaty of this rising phoenix, her wingspan and lithe claws, her long gracefull neck... And I couldn't walk past an opportunity to share this picture with all of you. Here is the link, I personnally have it on my iPOd, cellphone and as my desktop background...


And the winner is...

My greetz fly out to Barack Obama, who won the Democratic nomination campaign. Now he is well on his way to presidency, go Obama ;)
He has my outmost support and my thoughts are with him. I think he will make a great president. I

In other news. 
Kristiansand Zoo's population rose with four cute lion cubs some weeks ago, here you can read more about them, and vote over what their names will be.


I watched my daily feed of sat data coming from Eumetsat's MET-9 Sattelite, when this beaty appeared http://www.eumetsat.int/groups/public/documents/image/img_homepage_cyclonic_storm.jpg  look up in the righ corner, recognize that country? Yup it's Norway, and the storm is headed our way, if my simulations are correct, it will hit land in a couple of days, I'm not yet shure where, and when is hard to say (my calculations have a probability oof 10-20% soryy) But I am certain Brittain will feel it. So get yourr raingear and umbrellas guys ^^

Oh how I love storms <3

Gone with the wind (almost)

Phew yeah the weatherman had it all right, It was a storm yeasterday, I think most of Southern Norway blew away. In my town a roof from an home for old people blew off and many floating things (boats ducks) dissapeared into the open foaming sea. I went out approx. when the storm was at it's worst and took some pictures, I'll put them out ASAP ^^


Though it is a beatyfull and sunny day in Southern Norway today, the weather services have predicted a storm tomorrow,  when this weather system http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh275/roo_fan/SDDI-20080130-0900-COLOUR-09-IR_108.jpg hits land. I've drawed a trajectory, that I think this system will follow, and because of much vapour from the Atlantic Ocean it will gather strength. Hold on to your hats Gentlemen, wer'e in for a tough ride ;)

I will follow this system and others and report back here on any drastic changes.